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I just discovered crochet and I love it! It took me some time to figure out how to crochet, because I’m left handed. But when I found out how, it seemed to be  ‘easy peasy’

I can not wait to show you the following crochet items I finished:

My mini cupcake:

and the free pattern can be found here

My teeny tiny turtle

And this free pattern is available here

And finally my lovely little sprite fairy I entered this in a true contest, and really I know i’m not far as good as other crochet stars, but well it was just exciting to try and a challenge to crochet. The wings are my ‘own’ because I couldnt really figure out the pattern so I just did what I felt looked good :)

The pattern can be found on Fun and Fang, I love her patterns I so want to buy the Edward Scissorhand pattern.

Now next to that my middle DD Esmee turned 15. As a huge surprise we decided to gift her a glamour photoshoto, next to a wonderful DKNY golden delicious parfume and body lotion. And here’s some of her pretty photos:

Aint she gorgeous or what????

Okay now my offline time, it has been hectic, I started working a part time job, but the 22 hours where set to 35 hours the first weeks. Now I’m finally back on 22 or 27 hours a week. The genator at school died, very swift and sadly, my youngest DD was 1 of the speechers on his funeral service. And last but not least my beloved Buzz died, he was the first victim of the poisining going on here, and we had to let him go after fighting for him for so long.

Esmee still sick, MRI’s of her back have been made in the newest of newest MRI scan, hopefully they can shed a light on her nerves failing in her legs constantly. Next to that she still takes 6 pills a day for her bloodworks and well it seems she has an ulcer of the stomach which probably is caused by the teasing and bullying at school……I just felt to tired and fed up to do anything, but now i’m finally getting back on track.

Vacation 2011

Well vacation was great as usuall, allthough some shorter we really enjoyed it! Due to Esmee’s health we didnt go on as much outings and we stayed a lot on the camping, but yet it was fun, exciting and relaxing like every vacation should be! Offcourse we did take pictures, allthough not as much as usuall since every day on the camping was about the same. Breakfast, lucnh, dinner and relaxxing at the pool or at our caravan.

However the few trips we took where great and relaxing as well and I cant wait to share photos with you!!!

My 2 mermaids both enjoyed swimming, the pool was a good size, with a seperate part low water, and the other pool went from deep till deepest, and well especially mermaid Esmee enjoyed the deepest parts of the pool. I’m telling you if mermaids really excisted she has every right to claim that title. Esmee LOVES to swim. She wasnt allowed to do tricks in the water due to her ‘legnerves’ problems but she enjoyed swimming anyways!

Fish and waterplants in the sea at Roses, Spain.

Our own caravan with fronttent and the tent of the teens. Camping Mas Nou, EmpuriaBrava, Spain

Cadaques beach, 1 of the trips we took, the ride in the car was through the prenees mountains and breathtaking! This beach excisted of rocks and pebbels only. And Aranka loves to hunt fossiles on it, and she found a fossiled bone between all those stones.

The little village is situated near the ocean on a mountain and the little streets with white houses are all so enchanting!

Roses beach, those palmtrees are filled with wild parrots!

My DH’s best friend since age 9 with his family, his sister with her family and their parents where at the same camping! This is paella eveing, his father and bil prepared the paella and most teens loved to watch the preparation!

Bassegoda Parc, near Albanya in the middle of the prenees mountains. Here is the spring of the River La Muga and mountainwater streams in from flows, waterfalls and little tidewaves. An amazing nature parc, and you can swim there…..The following pictures are from this nature parc, where the kids jumped from scarry high rocks or played in waterfalls. Uhm I tried to stay dry and take pictures, yup I slides over algea rocks and thankfully my camera stayed dry, everything else was totally wet. But dry in 30 minutes due to the bright sun!

Can you spy Esmee on the next picture?

Well that was 1 great afternoon and we will revist there next year for sure. We didnt have watershoes, so Jer and me went on Crocs, the others all kept on their sneakers, next year we need to bring watershoes and I really need to explore the area more there!!!

EmpuriaBrava harbor, a little beach, a long harbor and wonderful seabreeze! I just love that photo of Jeroen!!!

Aranka was helping Manuël fishing, she loved it!!!

No idea how you call these flowers, we call them Orleanders, I love the smell and colors of these flowers, bright pinks, purples and whites, and what better picture then my youngest and her bright smile!

Scorpios, chameleons and little lizards. The chameleon vanished in thin air when I ran back and forward to the toiletbuilding where he was walking around. So sadly no pictures of him. The Scorpio was anooyed and ready to sting everything on his way, and I’m no hero. I walked a mile around it wearing my flipflops and he was angle up ready….yup no pictures of that creepy crawler. But the lizards, aw they where tiny and cute and since they have no teeth or angles awesome to take pictures of!!!

Well we explored a town for the local market and came across this roman bathhouse. I have no clue what town it was, but I just needed to take a picture of it :)


The picture doesnt show it really, but Esmee was bitten by insects like 100 times on her legs and arms. Most of the bites turned out purple huge spots and bruises. It was very painful and itchy and she really felt sick of it. We ended up in hospital for medication and treatment and after 2 days she could do without injections and needed pills only. Poor girl felt terrible, it seems her allergies also consist of insect bites.


The last evening in Spain, 3 tanned kiddos, my kiddos! We had a blast! We relaxxed a lot, the teens made friends, and Aranka had loads of friends as well. I can not wait to return there next year!!!

Amazing, Peggy has been away so long and she’s truly getting back on things and is still a GREAT designer! I’m so pleased to have her back in the digiscrap community and i’m honored to still be on her CT.  I just love her new kit, those deers are so cute and that skunk, and the colors are so soft and gentle. This kit surely tickeld me pink to make a scenery page and a layered page, because there’s more then 1 way to use this kit for sure!

My darling dreamer Esmee

Ilse, 1 of my little reading friends at school, this photo is taken during our schoolfieldtrip to Drievliet, I was fortunate to have Ilse in my group that day!

Eena’s Creations released a wonderful new kit called Circus Adventures. Since my kids are not ‘into’ circusses because they do not like the use of animals *truly I never gave them that idea but they are all 3 very into animals*. Anyways  I had to find another way to make the kit work, and that wasnt really difficult. The kit has some non circus elements as well, and besides 1 of my cats is the ‘lion’ of cats so he could also pose for a layout right?

So here’s my layouts that I made:

My son playing his acoustic guitar in the backyard, it’s so much fun to hear him play away in the evenings.

text – Metallica Leper Messiah
Spineless from the start, sucked into the part
circus comes to town, you play the lead clown
Please, please
spreading his disease, living by his story
Knees, knees
falling to your knees, suffer for his glory
You will

Time for lust, time for lie
time to kiss your life goodbye
Send me money, send me green
Heaven you will meet
Make a contribution
and you’ll get a better seat

Bow to Leper Messiah

Kit used Eenas Creation Circus at digiscrapbooking.ch

 And my second page Starring Morten the ‘lion’ of my catpen, and he had just the right pose:

Officialy given up

I have officially given up the photo a day. I truly am dissapointed in myself that I couldnt keep up with it any longer, but the drama and stress we had just took the best of me…..

Maybe next year!


I’ve tried to scrap my emotions concerning Fenja…It’s so hard to give my feelings a place or ‘box’ them somewhere. I’m so angry, so confused, so sad. But also shocked that somebody can actually do such a thing. Aren’t they overwhelmed by guilt? Can that someone sleep at night? Because I sure can’t . doenst he or she know, that every living specie has feelings, can be hurt? I’m to scared to even look at my cats, if 1 is sleeping I keep calling them untill they respond. In the night i’m lying awake, do I hear something, are the cats allright?

I’m scared to enter my living room in the morning, what if I find another one gasping out his last breath of air…..

I’m so frustrated, who can do such a thing, was it the neighboor next door, or maybe in the other block? Was it the guy with the koi fish that came to my home last summer demanding money because my cats killed 1 of his fish. Impossible because my cats never walk outside freely…..Was it somebody I know and trust? And I’m sad, heartbroken, Fenja was suppose to turn 4 in 2 weeks. exactly 14 days before her birthday, she is murdered.

Anyways, I scrapped a page about those feelings, I was surprised to see this layout in the Finger Pointing Gallery Standouts it’s a tribute to Fenja.

I am so angry, and I cant get my feelings to calm down.
In January I found Pantera dead, and now Fenja was just laying there. just like that, almost death, the vet couldnt do a thing to help her. And even worse, she turned out to be poisoned.By who, and why?
I’m so angry and sad, so lost.
Who would do such a thing, she’s murdered. Was it like that with Pantera? and with Buzz?
lightning, barbed wire, wordart – Creative victorian Design Inner Storm
fire – Lily Design End of Love
broken glass – Lorie Davison Prince of the City
everything else – Holliewood Studios Thingfinder, love and war and Void

I also made her a memorial page, which made me cry all over again. I still don’t get it….

Everything is from various kits from Lorie Davison.

My dear Fenja, I miss you so much…..

I can not believe I’m here with yet another sad story. Last thursday morning I was just up and got outside to smoke a cigarette. I know bad bad habbit, but yet I cant stop that. Anyways, Some of my cats where playing outside inside the pen and Diesel was jumping up and down trying to get my attention. When I looked at him, I noticed his mom in the corner. She was still, so still. I immediatly threw down my cig, ran inside to get the keys of the pen and checked on Fenja. She was cold, a little stiff and I started crying, thinking she had gone over the rainbowbridge as sudden as her daughter in january. When I picked her up she gave a sigh, so I tried to find her heartbeat and that was strong.

I ran inside, called the vet and rushed her to the vet’s office. This was at 7 in the morning…. The vet immediatly gave her an iv and an anti shock shot and placed her below a heath light since her heartbeat was still perfect, but she had a freezing tempreature. She was almost gone and allrewady started stiffness. After a few hours below the heath light, they had drawn blood, and her blood gave all signs of poison.

We had narrow contact over phone and in the evening me and Dh went to see her, since DH didnt even see her that morning because he was at work. The heath light gave her enough warmth, and she was on normal temperature again, yet her body was in a coma state, and she didnt respond on anything. The vet had given her so much medications, she told us, fenja should have responded on those meds, but she didnt. We did the only thing we could do, and gave her the rest she deserved after fighting for her live. We had a long talk, the vet said in her state I found her in, she should have shown sign of sickness for weeks at least, but nothing. Wednesday afternoon I bruhed her, played with her and cuddled her and since Pantera was found dead, we make sure to check on the cats at least 6 times a day. I felt so so bad.

Since bloodwork showed weird results that do not stroke with any real cat dissease, the vet suspect Fenja has been poisoned. When we pulled out Buzz stats, who showed almost the same signs, the vet thinks Fenja is not the first poisoned cat. We think they cases are related. Pantera is burried in the garden, and we now think she shared the same faith. The results will be in tuesday…… I can not believe somebody would poison my cats, and I cant help thinking WHy and Who did this to them….. We can only hope and pray that none of the other cats are affected, and since we do not know WHAT caused it, we cant start anything to prevent the other cats to get sick….. Fenja was only 4 years old.

We are beyond devastated, heartbroken, how can I explain this to my children when I dont even understand it myself. I can not believe somebody would willingly murder my cats…..

My dear Fenja when we visited her at her breeders home this was the first time I saw her in real live. She was so pretty and such a handfull allready.

Fenja all grown up, last christmas she was pregnant from Diesel and Pantera. She was sweet and sometimes cuddly, if she felt like a hug she came around to hug, but if she didnt want to hug, you’d better not try to steal a hug either.


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